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A Place to share and create sims related stuff
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Welcome To Pink Eyelashes
We would like to welcome you to our new Sims Forum. A place to share/create/upload/download sims related stuff. Hopefully we will be your new home! Come in and enjoy chat on a mature level & share thoughts & ideas in our blog section.You will need to register To download and participate within the forum. Enjoy our forum. Stef & Athena
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Pink Eyelashes Would like to keep you informed with our newest uploads. We have Are opening day arriving soon!! You can find all forum gifts for are opening day in the nav bar at the top of the forum under opening gifts.
Pink Eyelashes New Administrative Team: PinkAthena: Hi everyone! I am Athena, I am from the southern USA and proud to be there. Stef and I started this forum as a place that really fit us. and I must say, it fits us to a Tee. LOL. I am really happy to have started this forum with Stef and if yall need any help or anything, just feel free to ask Stef or myself. We don't bite, well I do, but that's only if you bother me first teehee!

Pink Eyelashes New Administrative Team: PinkPrincess: Hiya!!Where to start? I am Stef and I really enjoy Sims and creating custom content for the game. I began learning almost 2 years ago so Im not a pro just quite yet. I am from Arizona yup yup woot woot the city surrounded by mountains:) Me and Athena wanted to create a little place of our own and well here ya have it!! I am always open to any questions and you might just get the answer your looking for. xStef aka PinkPrincess

Pink Eyelashes New Forum Team: Meshy: Hi! I'm Michelle, I've been playing The Sims actively since 2005! I've been creating since about the end of 2006, and I love to create anything fantasy related, mostly (having a love for mermaids) mermaid related CC, I can't mesh yet though. I also love to play and create things that are medieval. I'm a ren-faire nerd who dresses up every year to see the Queen, Jousting, and Bawdy shows! (bawdy= naughty) Stef aka PinkPrincess invited me over here, and I couldn't be happier to be here! Thanks Stef!

Pink Eyelashes New forum Team: Franco: Hey! I'm Franco and I live in Argentina. I've been playing the sims since 2006 and recently, I've learnt to recolor. Before 2007 I had no knowledge of CC until I started lurking around forums and discovered it. I spend most of my free time building and decorating houses in a modern/urban style. I hope that some day I can learn to mesh. I'm really glad to be a part of the forum and I would like to thank Stef (PinkPrincess) for inviting me!

Pink Eyelashes New forum Team: ObjectSeeker7: Hi everyone! I'm Kayla. I recently started to do recolors (learned a while back ago and just really got into it a couple weeks ago) and I hope to get my meshing down pact so it looks like something someone might actually want. haha. I'm pretty easy to get along with and I love helping people so if you need anything or just want to vent, feel free to PM me. I was really honored to be asked to be part of this forum so I want to thank the admins (athena and stef) for the opportunity! *hugs to everyone* =)

Pink Eyelashes New forum Team: Tay: Hello everyone, I'm Taylor but of course you can call me Tay. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and it is very rainy here! But I try to make the best of things and love going to school and writing. Yes, I am a writing geek and write many sim stories. Right now I am playing Sims 3 but I still decorate in 2. Talk to me anytime! I'm told I'm pretty nice and I think I can help point you in the right direction. XOXO

Pink Eyelashes New forum Team: Rayanne: Hi Everyone I'm Defenderp123 though please all call me Rayanne, I have the memory of a goldfish and cannot remember the year i started simming like all the clever people above me but im sure open for business had come out on sims 2. I love the sims for creative reasons i most enjoy recolouring which im not to bad at and decorating which i stink at! I'm also in the very SLOW process of learning to mesh. I was born in Italy but ive lived in the uk for a good percentage of my life and call this lovely but rainy country home Smile Hoping i can help stef and catey to make their new forum a sucess and to help you all to. Please do contact me if you need any help or if you simply want someone to chat to. I don't bite...well not unless im provoked!

Pink Eyelashes New forum Team: Cajunnurse: Hi my name is Krista, I've recently joined the crew here as a designer/moderator. I have been playing the Sims for the last few years and enjoy creating houses and Sims and have been focusing on Sims 3 houses. I'm from Louisiana and I am an RN, hence Cajunnurse! I'm pretty friendly and easy to talk to so if you need anything at all just ask and I will do my best to help!

Pink Eyelashes New forum Team: Ashley: Hi, I'm Ashley and of course I am addicted to Sims 2! I love making object recolors and hope to start making meshes in the near future. (And maybe eventually install that Sims 3 game I have lying around here) I really like decorating houses too with all the great CC that's out there! Outside of Sims, I love music, web design, fashion, and making my own jewelry. I'm 25 years old and live in the southeast of the United States where I'm a married stay at home mom to Jacob & Isabella! I'm so excited to have been invited to this forum as a moderator and designer and I really look forward to meeting new members!! ❥

Pink Eyelashes New forum Team: *Leaniquia* I am a purple moderator here! (: I haven't really simmed in a while, spent more time sleeping haha. Well the forum is very neon, and I love it! I love listening to music and love colors, every single color! I like to draw and sing and dance around the house for the fun of it! I like making stuff for people too! I play violin and every single pic of me you see I will have my ear buds in haha. I wear glasses too, sadly, and I have a lip piercing. I live in the west part of the US and well....... thats it! (:

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